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About Wendy

I began my favorite hobby in 1973, learning Swedish massage in a small class, and practiced with family and friends, who enjoyed the attention to those hard to reach backs and shoulders.

An interest in foot reflexology emerged in 1976 and I studied at the Berkeley Holistic Health center with Dr. Lampelle. I enjoyed working with my family and friends who would come over and present me with their feet.

In 1980 I began working with Jim Spira, an innovative teacher of bodywork, at the Institute for Educational Therapy, in his earlier classes in North Berkeley, practicing his methods of breathing, eclectic bodywork, and emotional release. We learned Tai Chi and Zen meditation to help with the flow and focus. Jim was a great inspiration to me, and I completed 400 hours of massage certification with him.

I received an attunement in Egyptian Huna from Nicky Scully and began learning more about subtle energy healing techniques.

Later I learned Reiki, receiving level one Usui Method of Reiki from Sharon Tamm in '94, level two from Patty Hiller in '96, and Master level from Venus Elyse in '97. With Reiki, I do hands on work and distant healing.

I've studied with Dr. Douglas Mosher, a Directional, Non Force Chiropractor. He's evolved B.E.A.M. (Bio Electric Assessment Method) within his practice, and began teaching it in the mid '90's. I completed the training with him, and continue to take his advanced classes. B.E.A.M. feels like acupressure, yet it is an energy balancing technique responding to what the body dictates, using Kinesiology.

I follow my hands and work intuitively, with tactile response to find appropriate pressures, incorporating Swedish, Reiki, B.E.A.M., and foot reflexology.

My practice is a mobile service and I do onsite massage in Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties. I am also available at Indian Springs, Calistoga, on Saturdays and Mondays.