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Reiki/ B.E.A.M.

Reiki is an ancient practice of healing through laying on of hands. It is a subtle, yet powerful, healing, peaceful energy. I enjoy combining Reiki and B.E.A.M. to do distant healing and to balance a person's energy.

B.E.A.M. stands for Bio Electric Assessment Method and is a technique I use to balance the electricity of the body and to quickly access and address areas of tension.

Dr. Douglas Mosher, D.N.F.T., a chiropractor using the "directional non-force technique", developed B.E.A.M. in the process of helping his clients over 15 years. He continues his practice and teaches classes in beginning and advanced B.E.A.M. to massage therapists and chiropractors just north of the Bay Area.

To find what your body presents as the areas of tension to release, a process of unwinding, I use quick light touches to different reflex areas of the body and brief muscle testing on myself to get a "yes" or a "no" answer as to where to press. I use firmer pressure to balance the "electricity" or energy. It feels like accupressure or Shiatsu at this time. B.E.A.M. balances the polarity of the body's energy, efficiently relaxing the whole being.